EP7: How to Land Your Dream Job While Living Abroad w/Hannah

Find Out How I Landed a Job in 5 Different Countries in 4 Years! 

In the latest episode of the Live Abroad Biz podcast, Johana interviews Hannah. Hannah is a travel youtuber, performer and expat originally from Australia. Hannah moved to Japan for 5 years and then to Singapore for a year. She shares her story on how she landed her dream job in Japan & what her dream job is. 

Here are 5 tips on how to land your dream job abroad: 

1. Research & Strategyze 

Research for a job abroad is as important as research for any job. With a specific job and location in mind, eliminate alternatives that don’t work for you. Start by compiling list of potential employers. Check their websites or career websites to see if they are hiring international employees. The larger and more corporate the company is, the more likely you are to find roles. Additionally, under a “Careers” section on their site, you can normally find a contact email for HR or connect with an HR representative on Linkedin. Get in touch directly to ask questions about career opportunities. 

2. Understand Requirements 

Research what you need to do before you move to another country. Among the basics, don’t forget to research visas, travel insurance, work permits, and an international driver’s license. However, there might be more requirements depending on where you are coming from. In order to avoid surprises, make sure you are aware of what is necessary in advance. Having your visas ready will give your prospective employer a greater incentive to consider you and offer you the position. 

3. Determine your interests 

Start off by being very specific about what you are looking for in your new job. Being specific can increase your chances of getting a job. One of the biggest obstacles is lack of clarity a lost of focus in the research. Their only aim is to get an “international” job and are more concerned with the fun and excitement that comes with the opportunity to explore new places. Know what you have accomplished in your college and university life and then make a decision accordingly. If you are a student, include your volunteer experiences and internships. See what kind of jobs interest you. 

4. Prepare Yourself 

Once you have created a short list of specific companies and positions, you want to focus on preparing mentally. Getting you dream job abroad is not straight-forward and requires a lot of persistence. With your desired position in mind, you can work on specific skillset accordingly. Don’t underestimate the experience you already have, it is one of your most important assets. 


Find Out How I Landed a Job in 5 Different Countries in 4 Years! 

5. Learn the local language 

If you want to work in a country where your native language is not spoken, it is important to learn some language skills so that you can communicate with your colleagues and with people outside of your job. Consider taking language courses. If you can, travel there for a short while to get an idea of the culture and make sure you have sufficient language skills to survive. Try to make connections with locals while attending local events. When you do a home-stay experience, you have more chances to practice the language.


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Find Out How I Landed a Job in 5 Different Countries in 4 Years! 

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