EP6: Take the Stress Out of Expat Life w/Richelle

In this episode, Johana interviews Richelle Gamlam. Richelle is an expat originally from Seattle currently living in Vietnam. She shares her story of a study abroad student in China almost 5 years ago to working remotely as a digital nomad and travel blogger in Vietnam. 

Here is a list of tips to help you take out the stress of expat life:

1. Step out of your comfort zone when choosing your destination 

Many times, we want life to be easy. This may be the case for your life abroad as well. You want your travel journey to be simple, without any ups and downs. However, there is a great reward if you choose to go out of your comfort zone. Moving to a new country with a very different culture can result in many positive personal shifts in your life. You will learn how to adapt to new expectations, understand that there is no right way of doing life and open your mind to new experiences. 

2. Learn local language 

With language skills, a little goes a long way. It’s okay to be uncertain and to make mistakes. Remember that you are learning, you are not a native speaker! Local people appreciate you trying to speak their own language. Speaking local language will open many doors and offer amazing opportunities. There is no better way of uplevelling your experience abroad than by connecting with local people and learning their culture. 

3. Communicate effectively with your family

You might be the first person in your family, who ever left abroad. You might even be the first one to ever travel solo. The travel lifestyle might be very uncommon to your parents and explaining them your reasons might be troubling. First of all, communication is key. You want to communicate with you family the reasons why you are leaving, when you will come back and all the details. This will help them understand. Second of all, you can share with them pictures and videos from you new home. This content will show them your new reality. Your family will understand that you are safe, local people are friendly and you are having an amazing time. 

4. Go alone, leave friends at home

Suprisingly enough, the best experience abroad comes when you decide to move solo.  Bringing friends with you can be helpful, if it’s your first time travelling. However, moving alone will have many more benefits. Your friends will not serve as a shield any time you want to meet new people. Moreover, you will actually push yourself into making new connections and attend local event. In general, you be more open to new things and to new beginning. 

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